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Workshop At EDUCOE

EDUCOE provides various educational workshops on latest trends & technologies for Students, Management Aspirants, IT Professionals, College Students, and Working People. Our Training & Workshops are job oriented and on demand in Industry.

Learn skills & strategies for creating a better world through your life & work!

Our intensive, in-person workshops are designed to help you act on what’s most important to you and to achieve positive change in your life, your work, and your local and global communities.

In these sessions, participants will learn how to:
  • Develop and organize effective student learning outcomes
  • Evaluate whether their institution is collecting the right data, including understanding the pros and cons of various data types
  • Relate the assessment design process to student learning outcomes measures that produce fair, reliable scores and allow for inferences
  • Interpret data and use them to create actionable plans on campus

The Workshop programme is designed to give students an opportunity to get together and interact with each other in furthering their own and others' understanding of specific topics.

Through small group discussions and individual and group exercises you will have the opportunity to share experiences, as well as to learn and practice new skills. Different workshops are offered each term.

The Early Career Workshop was a wonderful way to meet others in a friendly yet committed environment. It stimulated in-depth discussions about work-in-progress and helped improving projects.

It was also something of a support group for young people entering in IT Sector and interested in Education, and as such it had offered some mentorship by senior scholars, lots of good advice and indispensable information.

To help you make an informed decision about your future, we encourage you to participate in our EDUCOE Workshop. While taking part in this three-week orientation, you’ll learn about the innovative resources we offer to help you succeed.

You’ll also find out if you’re ready for the challenges of earning a degree — and if EDUCOE is right for you. Available to all incoming students, the EDUCOE Orientation Workshop is required for prospective students.

Deciding to go back to college is a big commitment of time and money. Since implementing the workshop, we’ve found that four out of every five students who participate go on to enroll at the EDUCOE with a clear understanding of the rigors of Companies. Those who choose to forgo enrollment following their orientation experience do so without incurring any cost or student debt.


EDUCOE is specialized in delivering workshops on different technologies(voluntarily- these workshops are completely free of cost).

These workshop can be considered as a co-curricular activity that enriches the knowledge base of student in an addition to what they learn at the college.

The workshops are delivered by the eminent speakers from the industry who share the real time experiences with the student, hence enlightening them as per industry norms.

These workshops not only help the students to know about a particular technology but also help them to apt for an appropriate career(as per their aptitude)in future when they face the job market.


With the market getting more competitive, the industry is looking for professionals who are not only qualified but also skilled.The candidates equipped with skills apart from a professional degree are more readily absorbed by the industry.Though the student today are aware of this fact,but EDUCOE with its "SKILL DEVELOPMENT Workshops" is trying to emphasize on:

  • Current developments in various technologies.
  • Career aspects related to these technologies.

EDUCOE specializes in delivering workshop on below mentioned technologies:

  • PHP