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Courses syllabus
1. Work Area Basics
Identify the features of the work area components.
Identify the features of palettes.
Identify the features of tools available in the toolbox.
Identify the options for customizing the work area.
2. Managing Images
Identify the options for creating and opening images.
Identify the steps to import images from a digital camera.
Identify the steps to import images from a scanner.
Identify the options for viewing images in the work area.
Identify the steps to create a duplicate copy of an image.
Identify the options for positioning images in the work area.
Identify the factors to determine a suitable size and resolution of an image.
Identify the options for making quick adjustments to an image.
Identify the options to perform recovery and undo operations on an image.
3. Layers Basics
Identify features of layers.
Identify methods for selecting and grouping layers.
Identify options for linking and distributing layers.
Identify ways to copy, move, and lock the content of layers.
Identify key concepts related to merging and stamping of layers.
Identify various effects and styles that can be applied to layers.
Identify features of Smart Objects.
4. Colors
Identify features of different color modes.
Identify options for converting images between different color modes.
Identify features of a color management system (CMS).
Identify options for working with color profiles.
Identify options for customizing color settings.
Identify key concepts related to color and tonal adjustments.
Identify steps for matching, replacing, and mixing colors.
Identify features of the Histogram and Info palettes.
Identify key concepts related to image adjustment.
5. Selections
Identify options for making and adjusting selections.
Identify steps for softening and refining edges of selections.
Identify steps for moving, copying, and pasting of selections.
Save and load a selection.
Identify steps for extracting and deleting selections.
Identify features of masks.
Identify key concepts related to vector selection and paths.
6. Transforming and Retouching Images
Identify methods for inserting and editing type in an image.
Identify methods of transforming images.
Identify options to edit images in the perspective plane using Vanishing Point.
Identify options to apply filters to an image.
Identify options for drawing and painting an image.
Create a montage.
Identify options for correcting distortions in images using the Lens
Correction filter.
Identify methods to remove defects from an image.
Identify features of channels.
Identify options to create a spot channel.
7. Working with Images
Identify file formats supported by Adobe Photoshop CS2 to save images.
Identify features of actions.
Export layers as files.
Identify steps to create multiple image layouts.
Identify the steps to create an animation.
Identify options for optimizing images.
Identify output settings for Web images.
Identify options to automate actions by using batch processes and droplets

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