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Training Overview

Quality Improvement Programme in chennai Our programmes are need based. We collect training requirements from customers on an annual basis and through frequent interactions. We also look for new requirements generated through introduction of new standards, changes in statutory and regulatory requirements and global changes. Once the programme topic is finalised, we discuss with customers, in detail , on the desired outcome, target group, type of participants, duration, training methodology, date, time and venue.

  • Duration of training programmes vary with the expected outcome and methodology.
  • Normal open programmes are for one day/ Multidays.
  • In house programmes are suited to the requirements of clients.


The language for communication also varies with requirement. Even though English is mostly used, programmes in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi are also offered.

Training Methodology

Pictorial presentations, play acting, live demonstrations, case studies and example drawn for actual situations, anecdotes, business games and participative methods are used to impart training.

Group discussions, question answer sessions, videography, using laptop computer related Programme and tests are also part of the programme.

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